Sunday, December 2, 2007

Blogging The Day Away

Yes, blogging the day away on blogspot, with a myriad of different blogs up and running. Hopefully I will be able to keep up with all the new and various blogs.

Chrono Muscatine
Blog for my computer repair and website hosting service for Muscatine. Will include prices, descriptions of services, and more.

Chrono Online
Blog for my more worldwide computer services. Unfortunately, I haven't focused on anything outside of Muscatine recently, and it needs updated.

Ryan Kopf
Has all sorts of information about my campaign and my candidacy, and will hopefully be useful during the next election cycle. I hope to update as often as possible to give people a close connection to me and the campaign's ideas.

Muscatine E-Zine
My Muscazine website is supposed to hold news and more about Muscatine, and hopefully here we'll be able to tell people about that website. It's fantastic, and getting better as we continue to add more new features.

Enjoy all the blogyness of these new features, hopefully they will be able to give you constant up to date information on all sorts of Muscatine related topics.

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